*  Members must be financial to be able to make any bookings, Winter or Summer.
*  Myrtleford Ski Club is a non-commercial club and, whilst guests are welcome, they must be introduced to the club by a member and guest bookings can only be made by current financial members.

WINTER                            SUMMER                            CANCELLATION/REFUNDS                            BED RATES

Winter bookings can only be made by phoning the Lodge Manager/s.

Winter booking arrangements are as follows (these may slightly vary due to Easter):
1st Monday of April     Full Members              3 weekends & 1 mid-week
3rd Monday of April    Associate Members    3 weekends & 1 mid-week
4th Monday of April    All Members                1 extra weekend & mid-week
                                                                               + book guests for 1 weekend & 1 week
5th Monday of booking period                        Open booking with no restrictions    

All bookings are to be paid within 14 days. If money is not received by then, booking will lapse and will need to be re-booked.

Weekend bookings are Friday and Saturday nights - single night bookings are not possible on weekends but are available during the week. All children must have turned 4 years old before the date of the stay.


Summer booking arrangements are as follows:
1st Monday in October    Members
2nd Monday in October   Associate Members
4th Monday in October    Open for Guests and repeat bookings

Until the open booking period Members and Associates can only book one gazetted holiday period
i.e Melbourne Cup, Christmas, New Year, Australia Day, Labour Day, Easter.

1.  Bookings must be paid within 14 days otherwise your booking will lapse
2.  After November 1st
       (i)  you must have paid your annual subscription before your actual stay and
       (ii) no summer booking can be made unless you have paid your annual subscription

Bookings can only be made by contacting the Lodge Managers for the entire summer period.

Doonas, pillows, pillowcases and fitted bottom sheets are supplied but no towels.

Cancellations and Refunds (all bookings)

A minimum of one week's notice is required - a cancellation fee will be charged

Less than one week's notice shall have no guarantee of any refund - this will depend on a Committee decision in regard to the reason for the cancellation.

Bed Rates

  Shoulder      Peak      Summer   
Adult Member $52 $63 $35
Junior Member $26 $32 $20
Adult Associate $63 $75 $35
Junior Associate $32 $37 $20
Guest (including tradesman in summer) $92 $109 $52
Junior Guest (under 18 or student) $46 $55 $26

Whole lodge overnight (Summer only)
Whole lodge overnight (revised COVID rate)*


*Based on current occupancy limit of 30 persons (as at 8th December).  The Committee may adjust this rate should COVID restrictions be further relaxed and allow additional occupants at the Lodge to a maximum of $1035 per night.

Shoulder season- 11 June - 10 July, 2021 and 5 September - 2 October, 2021 (may extend if good snow)
Peak season- 11 July - 4 September, 2021                                              Tentative dates not yet confirmed
Summer season- end of declared snow season, 2021 - June 9, 2022