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A Brief History of the Myrtleford Ski Club

1938 Myrtleford Ski Club is formed

On July 12th, Mr Reg Watson convened a meeting of 13 interested people and proposed that a ski club beformed called the Myrtleford Ski Club (its constitution was modelled on the constitutions of other clubs that, in turn, were based on the Ski Club of Great Britain).

1945 - 1960s The Early Years

After being virtually disbanded during the war, the Club was reformed and fortnightly trips were taken to Mt Buffalo.

In 1949, Myrtleford Ski Club obtained permission for occupancy and began planning the MSC Lodge. The building sub-committee met to discuss the design and a two-storey building with a single gabled roof was decided on and plans were drawn up.

Work commenced and at this time, there were only three other huts on the mountain: Bogong Ski Club in an old Army hut, Skyline as the Ski Club of Victoria lodge and the Albury Ski Club lodge.  Permits were needed to purchase building materials and these were hard to obtain. Subsequently the lodge was built mostly from donated materials. The basement was dug out and lined with stone from the Ruined Castle area, timber was cut (using cross-saws) from the Walpole properties and was milled then carted up to Falls Creek on either the Walpole or Calvert trucks. The iron on the roof was originally a tobacco kiln on Billy McNamara's property.

Long days working from dawn to nightfall resulted in the lodge being liveable by that winter - JUST! The walls were unlined, the only windows were in the lounge, the roof leaked, the beds consisted of sacking bunks and the toilet was situated 200 metres down the road.

Junior membership was introduced in 1950 and the first life memberships were awarded to Gordon Muller and John Robertson. During this decade improvements were made with a second storey being added, the installation of windows, stove and chimney, a new staircase was constructed as well as a woodshed being built. The lodge was painted yellow in the mid 1950s.

Dick Walpole was the third club member to be granted life membership in 1960/61 after representing Australia at the 1960 Winter Olympics held in Squaw Valley, USA. In 1960 the lodge was painted blue and in 1966/67 a second storey was extended over the woodshed and the whole lodge re-roofed. The kitchen and common room were remodelled and the balcony and glass doors were built in. Central heating was also installed.

Later history (1970s to present day) will be updated soon...